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Sonntag, 6. November, 21.30 Uhr


Brooklyn Ballet feat. Jasmine Mans
(Video & Live-Stream –  New York)
Foto Brooklyn Ballet


Jasmine Mans ist eine afro-amerikanische Dichterin und Künstlerin aus Newark, New Jersey. Sie schloss ihr Studium ab an der University of Wisconsin Madison mit einem B.A. in Afroamerikanistik. Zu ihren Gedichtbänden gehören Chalk Outlines of Snow Angels, 2012 und Black Girl, Call Home, Penguin Books 2021.
Mans ist derzeit poet in residence der Newark Public Library. Sie war Mitglied des Strivers Row Collective.


Lynn Parkerson begann ihre Karriere als Choreografin in München. 2002 gründete sie das Brooklyn Ballet als multidisziplinäre, multikulturelle Tanzkompanie, die in der Ballettform verwurzelt ist, während sie interdisziplinär zusammenarbeitet, Bewegungsgenres mischt und kulturelle Stereotypen entschlüsselt. Ihre Arbeiten wurden auf vielen prominenten internationalen Veranstaltungen und Veranstaltungsorten präsentiert.

In Anerkennung ihrer außergewöhnlichen Führungsrolle in Brooklyns kultureller Gemeinschaft erhielt Frau Parkerson 2006 den Paul Robeson Award for Artistic Excellence and Community Service und 2007 den Betty Smith Arts Award.

Jasmine Mans is a Black American poet and artist from Newark, New Jersey. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison, with a B.A. in African American Studies. Her collections of poetry include Chalk Outlines of Snow Angels, 2012 and Black Girl, Call Home, Penguin Books 2021.
Mans is the resident poet at the Newark Public Library. She was a member of The Strivers Row Collective.


Lynn Parkerson began her career as a choreographer while living in Munich, Germany. Her works have been presented at many prominent international events and venues. In recognition of her exceptional leadership contributions to Brooklyn’s cultural community, Ms. Parkerson received the Paul Robeson Award for Artistic Excellence and Community Service 2006 and the Betty Smith Arts Award in 2007.

In 2002 she Founded the Brooklyn Ballet as a multidisciplinary, multicultural dance Company rooted in the ballet form, while collaborating across disciplines, mixing movement genres and decoding cultural stereotypes.

By Jasmine Mans

The whistle of an unnatural wind
gave word there would be
a lynching.

of a Negro boy
who shined shoes,

not a rapist,
just a boy,
a child boy,
teenage boy,
nineteen-year-old boy
still fresh in his days.

And a wind
that would not know
the enormity of its crime
until morning filled air
with turpentine.


An invasion led
by Klansmen,
a hate that would outdo itself
to a menacing ritual of fire,
wood, and blood.

The bombs turned clouds
into shadows of themselves.
Single-engine aircrafts
hovered so low

the bodies under them
thought the world was
ending, and how could
it not be . . .


---------- ------------- -------------- ------------------------- ----------- ----------------

"Run, Negro!"

Thirty-five(ish) blocks,
and a flame that spent days
burning itself tired,

Three hundred(ish)
Black folks murdered
into anonymity.

has a soggy, muck clay,
a damp inconsistency
of earth, Constitution,
and bone.

Some buried homeless in Oaklawn,
some trampled beneath the dirt.

A history tucked away
in attic floorboards
long enough to forget
all it once was.

America has a way of dancing  - (Dancers enter)
with its own delusion.

Unable to keep count of its murders
because it, then, would have to keep
count of its murderers,

Its good neighbors.

All insurance claims denied
to the residents of Greenwood
and business owners
of Black Wall Street.

And, left, a people
holding their memory
through tongue
blood, postcard,
church tale.

And, left, a people
chasing a memory
that wasn't
to become
a memory
at all.