Angela Kreuz __ Train Rides and Tides: Compartment, sweet compartment // Clockwork // Green ecstasy // One of your presents

Train Rides and Tides
A Poetic Journey

Dream a little dream of me,
I'm sitting on a train
To nowhere

Compartment, sweet compartment

A window, cushioned seats, and me,
And outside raindrops
Glued to the pane
Wide eyes, reflecting everything

How they crave each other,
Fusing with the wind

The radiator's grilling my shoes,
I take my coat off the hook
And use it as a blanket

The train is empty
And we are alone

___________________________________________________________angela kreuz


Meeting the same people
At the same time
Even at the same spot
On my way to the station
To catch the 7:20 a.m. train

They walk the opposite direction –
Good for them,
They found work in town

I can tell by the faces
Whether I'm late
Or if the Asian girl is early today
I should have met her at the zebra-crossing!

___________________________________________________________angela kreuz

Green ecstasy

It's May
And I'd rather be jogging
Than going to work

The old English park is in bloom
Fresh leaves everywhere
Glimmering emeralds
And my sweat on the grass

While running, running, running
I'm drinking in the green
Breathing its stunning magnificence
Getting lost in the rhythm of my swinging steps
Keys jingling in my pocket
A weird melody in my head

Stopping at a swing
Fixed on a branch
I get on,
Swaying in the wind
Higher and higher

Flying into the blue sky

And swinging back to thy green ecstasy,

___________________________________________________________angela kreuz

One of your presents

The echo of the seashell you gave me a long time ago
Is still in my ear

A pocket-sea

I close my eyes
Holding the stiff shelter in my hand

Craving its sound, sight and smell,
Drowning in its abundance of complexity
And dignity

A world under water

On the ground of grounds
It's you
Reaching out

One sad drop's about
Getting lost in all the tears

Fears are calling me back
To escape

I'm torn

Stepping on land

Turning around: Waves and waves and waves