Pornpen Hantrakool (Thailand)

*1947 in Bangkok, Thailand. Dichterin und Übersetzerin. Sie war Professorin für Geschichte an der Tenri University in Japan, Associate Professor an der Silpakorn University of Thailand und Gastprofessorin an vielen weiteren Universitäten u.a. in Vietnam und Indien.

Sie nahm teil an zahlreichen internationalen Poetry- und Literaturfestivals. Ihre letzten Gedichtbände: Springs and Autumns Speeding Through Time auf Thai und Englisch, und hidden face flower von Mai Văn Phấn, Übersetzung aus dem Vietnamesischen in Thai und ins Englische.

Sonntag /Sun 30.10. - 15 Uhr

*1947 in Bangkok, Thailand, poet and translator. She has been a history professor at the Tenri University in Japan, an associate professor at Silpakorn University of Thailand and guest lecturer in many universities a.o. in Vietnam and India.

She participated in international poetry and literary festivals. Her latest poetry book is Springs and Autumns Speeding Through Time in Thai and English, and hidden face flower by Mai Văn Phấn translated from Vietnamese into English and Thai.

Where Is the Present

The past has gone
But not totally did

The future is coming
But has not yet happened

The present is the moment
That immediately becomes the past

The present is most important
But where is the present, I wonder

When I breathe I realize
Where the present is

The present is in the breathing
That has two movements

Breathe in the hope
Breathe out the hopelessness


It is not only Time that changes things
Prejudice can do also, and even more
It is not only Christ that gives love
Prejudice can do also, and even more
It is not only Erida that gives hate          
Prejudice can do also, and even more
It is not only Ares that creates wars
Prejudice can do also, and even more

Promising Cooperations

Incomplete childhood

As far as I remembered
In my childhood
I had none of toys or trinkets to play
I missed a lot of childhood pleasures
And I grew up with a weak character of learning
Not much senses
Less imaginations
Less interactions with others
Though I was garrulous by nature
Deep down in my soul
I preferred being alone
Silence to me was a promising cooperation
It seemed that
I didn’t want anything except
Silence and me 

Things turn upside down anytime

A need for something                                                 
I lacked in my childhood                                         
Though coming quite late     
Happened to me
So I bought and brought home
Miniatures or knickknacks
One or more pieces at a time
For pleasing my eyes
For fulfilling my dearth
How long I kept on doing this
I didn’t know
They were placed here and there
Full all over my house

Things are not just things

Silence called them
Vivified them
Energized them
They looked at me
They talked to me
I looked at them
I talked to them
From things
They turned to be acquaintances
They became finally my dear friends
They stayed with me
Placid and candid
Never left
Never demanded

Things and me

For years in my house
Only silence, a promising cooperation
Has been with me
Now around me
There are more things
Many promising cooperations
I have a sense of warmth in my heart
At least and at last