Schamrock-Festival der Dichterinnen 2014 - Programm

The 2. Schamrock-Festival of Women Poets 2014 is looking forward to the great reading festival, crossing borders and embracing all generations. It will present poetesses form 13 countries,like Friederike Mayröcker, Nora Gomringer, Zehra Çirak, Yoko Tawada, Patti Trimble, Dacia Maraini, Renate Knaup-Krötenschwanz (Amon Düül II), Helga Pogatschar ('Drei fliegende Minuten unplugged'), Sainckho Namchylak, rapper Ebow and the Electro-Acoustic-Poetry-Duo 'Kunst oder Unfall' featuring the internationally acclaimed musicians Robyn Schulkowsky and Sebi Tramontana as special guests, and many more.

Vienna, Monday 20. October 2014

13 Vienna Poetry School: Poetry-Class with Nora Gomringer (CH):
'lyrik & larynx - das über-setzen von schrift in ton' (The trans-lation of writing to sound)‘

18 Opening
18.30 Friederike Mayröcker (A)
19 Anja Golob (SLO), Andrea Grill (A), Sonja Harter (A)
20 Break
20.30 Vienna Poetry School, Nora Gomringer class, presentation
21 Nora Gomringer (CH)
22 Augusta Laar (D) with Kunst oder Unfall (with guests)

Munich, Friday 24. October 2014

14 Opening & Greeting of the three Festival days in the Pasinger Fabrik Munich with mayor Christine Strobl
15 Esther Ackermann (CH), Karin Fellner (D), Sonja Harter (A), Alma Larsen (D), Sabina Lorenz (D),
Birgit Müller-Wieland (D) with Jan Müller-Wieland, bass
17 Break
17.30 Gunna Wendt, Asta Scheib (D), Biographies of Poetesses
18 Le Poonie (D), Poetry Slam
18.30 Birgit Kempker (CH), Opening Lecture & Reading
19 Poets from Turkey: Zehra Çirak, Pelin Özer, Barbara Yurtdas.
Presentation and Translation: Barbara Yurtdas
20 Nora Gomringer (CH)
21 'Drei fliegende Minuten (Three Flying Minutes)'. Musical Theatre by Helga Pogatschar (D)
with texts by Nora Gomringer (CH)

Munich, Saturday 25. October 2014

13 Dr. Elisabeth Tworek, Poetesses out of the a Archive. The Monacensia Munich
14 Poets from Galicia: Yolanda Castano, Maria Reimóndez.
Presentation and translation: Instituto Cervantes
15 Performance Heike Fiedler (CH)
15.30 Ingrid Fichtner (CH), Andrea Heuser (D), Christine Huber (A), Odile Kennel (D), Tamara Ralis (D)
17 Break
17.30 Die Entsorgung von all dem Zeugs (The disposal of all that stuff)‘. Spreech Opera.
Andrea Martina Graf (CH), text, voice, and Brigitte Meyer (CH), cello
18 Poets from Ireland: Ann Egan, Cliona O‘Connell.
Presentation and translation: Karin Fellner, Tamara Ralis
19 Brigitte Oleschinski (D)
19.30 Sainkho Namchylak (Republik Tuva / A), Performance
20 Yoko Tawada (J)
20.30 Patti Trimble (USA / I).With Kalle Laar (D), guitars
21 Anna Breitenbach (D)
21.30 EBOW, Concert-Performance with Ebru Düzgün (TR /D)
ab 22 Poetry-Party

Munich, Sunday 26. October 2014

13 Kalle Laar (D), Lecture Riot Grrrls & Female Poetry on Vinyl
14 Poets from Finland: Kirsti Simonsuuri, Helena Sinervo, Johanna Venho.
Presentation: Katri Annika Wessel, translation: Dorothea Grünzweig
15.30 Diana Syrse (MEX / D), Music / Text - Performance
16 Anja T. Bayer (D), Andrea Grill (A), Sarah Ines (D), Judith Pfeifer (A),
Gabriele Trinckler (D), Wanda Schmid (CH)
17 Break
17.30 Masako Ohta (J), Performance
18 Anja Golob (SLO)
18.30 Swantje Lichtenstein (D), Closing Lecture & Reading
19 Renate Knaup-Krötenschwanz (Amon Düül II) (D), Performance
19.30 Dacia Maraini (I). Presentation and Translation: Susanne Becker-Gonnella
20.30 Augusta Laar and Kunst oder Unfall feat. Robyn Schulkowsky (USA), percussion
and Sebi Tramontana (I), trombone

Foyer / Lounge Pasinger Fabrik Munich: Art- / Textinstallations by members of the GEDOK Munichen (all 3 days)

The festival bookstore is provided by the Buchhandlung Wortschatz.